Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Great Pumpkin

as i was perusing target, alone, for an hour (amaze balls) this evening i was overwhelmed with the halloween/holiday stuff blasted everywhere. i mean, i get that halloween is actually right around that curvy corner but it still like 107 degrees so my mind isn't there yet. not even close. thinking i need to make my kids costumes, pack up everything at my parents to prepare for the new house…all in 6 weeks time. everything is happening at once it seems and while all of it is great stuff, it's a lot of stuff.

we are starting the tradition of The Great Pumpkin this year and i am really excited. if you know me, you know i love holidays. i love fall. i love winter. i love baskets full of goodies and i love love love making memories and traditions for our family. the great pumpkin will visit our home on the 1st of October to deliver some festive goodies to the babes. a mickey mouse halloween movie, a hello kitty pumpkin shirt, some festive stickers and such. then on halloween night the kiddos put their candy outside their door for the great pumpkin to pick up. after all are tucked in and snoozing on their candy high, he will trade the candy for a new toy/book; something they have asked for or have their eye on. my aunt did this when her babes were babes and i think it's a great idea to get rid of all the delicious candy i'd really like to hoard and eat piece by piece. i think the great pumpkin will leave this mama a small amount of the candy so she can put some in lunches or to have on hand for special treats!

moving. our new house is supposed to be finished in 6 weeks but that sounds like a load of bull. just like "we'll be in contract in two weeks." "ok, two more weeks" "ok, now two more weeks" etc etc. we've been hearing that sentence since april. seriously. it's losing its luster. on a happy note, my beautiful white shaker cabinets are installed! and some ugly lights too, but hey, at least they put those in for free.

m started school last week. duke is crawling like a mad man, still eating like a mad man and pulling up onto anything and everything. he started reaching for the next thing close to him but hasn't figurers out that he needs to move his sweet little feet to get there. this has resulted in quite a few face plants. and quite a few pouty lip tears. which is seriously the cutest face. ever.

the dream boat and i are trying to plan a vacation for spring of next year but where to?! warm sun and white sand? margaritas? or snow and cozy fires? and margaritas? i can have a margarita anywhere, yeah? i think i;m leaning toward the snowy skies and cozy fires. with margaritas. hmmmm…decisions.

oh! and we went camping in bass lake with our friends for three whole days. and it was three whole days of drinking coors lights, cocktails, eating tons of food and catching tons of rays. it was relaxing. i didn't know what to do with myself. except drink more coors lights and catch some more rays.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


this picture is really just because. because look at that sweet girl! before she was a big sister. before her hair grew long. just, before. perfection.

 we went to the beach to celebrate cousin Reed's 10 birthday. bon fire. hot dogs. big sand holes. soccer. a "oogie bard'. it was great. great to see family and see my babies so happy. m loves the beach. duke just wanted to eat the sand. of course.
 i got some great shots of he and daddy. man, he is just to die for. he is crawling, sitting up and last night was the first night i felt like we had a sleep breakthrough. he has been a tough one during the night…. lets just say i probably haven't felt rested since he was born. i'm getting closer. its a miracle. really.
 maybe christmas card worthy…not sure it will get any better with 2 babes.
 cousisns jayden, reed and mila.
 me and my sweet babies.
 how we survive the witching hour: ring sling, wine and more wine!

our new house is moving right along. we are still on schedule to move in 30-45 days which puts us at end of September. cabinets and fencing are getting completed this week and we have an appointment for flooring and counters friday. please jesus let everything run on schedule. living at the parents has been better than we all expected but still, not convenient. 

anywho, life is moving right along. mila starts school in a couple of weeks, we have an adults only camping trip just after labor day, m is getting her first hair cut next week (yikes…) and duke's 6 mo check up is next week! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

moving, potty training and more

two months is way too long to not write. there is too much that goes on in just a short time and definitely too much in over two months! we sold our house. we moved in with my parents. new things with the new house keep getting pushed back (anxiety!). we went to tahoe (heaven!) our big girl potty trained. our big (little) boy is army crawling. she is a rockstar and he is growing too fast. and she is sleeping in a big girl bed. whaaaa?!

how do these things happen?

this girl….seriously, she's a heart melter

 in our heaven

 m and her pop

 and these two, heartbreakers

we took our babies to a bar. and it was seriously fun.

our new home

holy cutie

our soccer stud. she rocks the soccer stance, can dribble a ball down the field and love to "score!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


we've had so much going on lately that i haven't even had time to pee! ok, i have peed. but i hardly get sleep, hardly have time to eat and when i do pee it's never alone. it's usually while holding a crying boy and making sure that the busy girl isn't going to burn the house down.

last weekend i went to Santa Barbara for an awesome girls trip. it was a beautiful house. even beautifuller weather (can you tell i watch too much Frozen?). and the time was spent with even better girls. we drank and ate too much. basked in the sun. drank and ate some more. played games (cards against humanity, anyone?!) it was a great weekend that made me even more tired than i already was but it was well worth it. can't wait for next year!

we are selling our house. yes, crazy news, i know. we bought our forever home and we cannot wait to get into it. it is currently being built! which is so exciting. next week we will be off to pick out finishes like floors and cabinets, counters and hardware. i can't wait!!!!! we are so fortunate to have bought our first home at the time we did. its been good to us and we hope the next family to live here will enjoy it as much as we have. the neighborhood is perfect, location couldn't be better and its really adorable.

both the kiddos are great. both growing like weeds. both sleeping well.

life is a whirlwind these days but i couldn't ask for a better one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny Bait

Easter projects are in full swing here at the marks residence. and it is one of my favorite things to do as a mama-make holidays fun and full of everlasting memories. i want my babies to look back and love the holidays as i do.

yesterday we dyed easter eggs and my ocd had to be reigned in. a lot. i've actually found this has to happen like all the time in this journey of parenting. m loved it. she plopped the eggs in, took them out, plopped them in again. repeat. they turned out beautiful. she asked me if we could do it again this morning. i didn't have any more hard boiled eggs so we decided to make bunny bait instead!

it was super easy and the finished product is real tasty. i know the easter bunny that comes to our house will be happy happy happy.


2 cups chex mix
2 cups pretzel sticks (i left this out because the bag mysteriously disappeared from the grocery store to my house….)
2 cups/1 bag white pop corn
1 bar white baking chocolate, melted (i used ghirardelli)
easter sprinkles
easter colored m&m's

Spread the chex mix, pretzels and pop corn onto a baking sheet lined with parchment.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.

Drizzle over the mix. Toss.

Add sprinkles and m&m's.

Let set. Be sure to add sprinkles after tossing or they will coat with chocolate and you won't be able to see them.

Package up to share with friends. or eat it. i did both.

and just in case the easter bunny needs an easter basket ideas, this is what i've done so far for m: sunscreen stick, play dough eggs, a bunny book, strawberry shortcake goldfish, sand shovel. (not pictured: new swimsuit, plastic baseball bat and tee ball with a T.) for d: new pacifiers, two baby toys, swim diaper and a mum teether. for daddy: swimsuit, tank top and t-shirt, new bbq tools. of course a few plastic eggs filled with treats in each basket too!

Circle of Moms

i am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful moms. i have a few different circles of friends; in one of the groups we mainly stick to play dates with the kiddos and the other we do a girls night out once a month. i haven't been able to attend since the duke was born but i am really looking forward to our weekend away in May.

being a mom is tough. being a wife can be tough too. these are the two jobs that i have. to be a wonderful loving mom to my kids and be a fantastic wife to my husband. and i need support. we all need support. too often moms dig at other moms. judging. criticizing. snickering. its sickening. life is hard enough. we do not need to break each other down and make it harder. some cloth diaper. some don't. some breast feed. some don't. some breast feed for 3 years. some only 6 months. some moms lose the baby weight when they get home from the hospital. some lose it a year later. some mothers are single. some are married. some moms send their babies to day care. some don't. some moms stay home. some cannot.

it simply. does. not. matter.

all that matters is that you are doing what is RIGHT for YOUR family. that YOU and your FAMILY are HAPPY and thriving.

i pumped for m for 5 weeks and supplemented with formula. i nursed d for 2 weeks. too often, actually EVERY single time i am asked or it comes up that my children are bottle fed, i feel this unrelenting feeling to explain why. my head is screaming "i need to tell them it wasn't a choice!" "they have to know i went to an LC and it didn't work!" "they have to know i didn't give up!" (people have actually said to me "oh, so you gave up?") those last two words make me want to throw up. i did not give up. i tried. i was bleeding. scabbed. saying the F word with every suck. the pain made me curl my toes and cringe with tears. see, there i go again explaining why. i don't need to explain why i feed my babies the way i do. it works for our family. we are happy and thriving. period.

my point is, i am so lucky to have moms support my efforts as another mother. support me when i am crying and tired, support me when i am struggling, support me when life is peachy, support me and my family no matter what. i hope that i am encouraging to others and i hope that i give support to my mama friends like i have received from them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

one month

how has almost 5 weeks gone by?! my little peanut has grown so much and it makes me sad :( so happy he is healthy and growing but knowing this is my last little guy…it's a little hard to swallow.

duke is a happy camper when he is close to mama. he sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night. sleeps most of the day. eats like a champ. is starting to smile and coo. makes my heart happy. happy one month of life my boy.

boss has been home for 5 weeks and we've been trying to do as many fun things as possible while still getting a lot done. make that trying to get a lot done. because we haven't.


m is in a big girl bed now!!! and she loves it. the first night she never climbed out and in the mooring she called for daddy to come get her. thinking she still thought it was a crib. first nap was a success and seeing her cute (shocked) face walk down the hallway saying "i wake now!" was to die for. she was so proud!! since those awesome first two days we have found her outside (yes, that sounds horrible, i know) and she has come to the living room and our bedroom. otherwise nap time has been a little difficult. she likes playing in her kitchen. it doesn't really bother me. as long as she is in there and quiet.

we spent the day in cambria seeing the elephant seals and having lunch. it was 75 degrees and gorgeous. 

we have golfed two rounds as a family of four. m takes her driver and loves to putt at every green. duke has been a trooper. 

and daddy turned 30!!! such a special birthday. we had friends and family over for in'n'out burgers, beers and cake. perfect night. i am so lucky to have called him mine since he was 23. 23 sounds like forever ago! 7 years have gone so fast. i look forward to loving him, making memories together and raising our family for the next 30 years to come!! 

(this is our first and only photo as a family of 4. sad. we need another one when i don't have 7 inches of black roots and duke is not sleeping…)