Monday, June 29, 2015


hello again!

i need to get over these funks of not writing for such a long period of time. life has been great as usual around here. flying right on by. swim lessons. girls trip to montana. bought a trailer. went to camp natoma. gymnastics. duke says dada and uh oh. mila is writing her name. boss got a new job! <--- 10="" 5="" 60="" 7:45="" a="" activities="" all="" allow="" amazing.="" amp="" and="" at="" because="" but="" came="" come="" company="" dad="" days="" department.="" did="" different="" dream="" for="" four="" fri="" have="" he="" highlight="" him="" his="" home="" hour="" hours="" in="" incredibly="" is="" it="" job="" just="" middle="" missed="" night="" of="" off.="" our="" p="" possibly="" proud="" put="" quite="" right="" rough="" same="" sat="" seriously="" shifts="" so="" sometimes.="" still="" sun="" that="" the="" there="" time.="" to="" true.="" was="" we="" week.="" week="" weekend="" who="" will="" with="" work="" working="" year.="" years="" you="">
i took mila to camp natoma last weekend with my grandma. her great grandma. it was so fun. we slept on cots under the moon and stars. the angels sang us to sleep. the bugle woke us up. we ate camp food. we painted a lot of rocks. we went swimming. we got bit by bugs. a lot of bugs. but it was perfect. perfectly dirty. perfect memories to last a lifetime. i am so proud of my family. we have 5 generations going strong and it was just heartwarming for my grandma to take her great granddaughter somewhere she used to go back in the 40's.

we bought a trailer! woop! we are sharing it with my parents and cannot wait for our first adventure in a few weeks. mila named her bessy. like on cars. i offered up a handful of names and that's the one that struck a cord with her. so bessy she is. 

montana was a blast. such a great trip with my mom and aunt. its the most beautiful place i have ever been and i can't wait to go back! green and lush. rain in the afternoons. snow capped peaks. amazing. 

up next for the marks clan is the 4th of july parade and bbq. tahoe. the beach house. the fair. camping.  more water park trips, bike rides, dinners on the patio and marks memories 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

fringe garland

paper garlands in new color ways
|ocean| |peoni| $8
fringe garlands $12
red, teal, lime, fuscia & yellow
|dot| garlands available in any color combo/length $12
|spring| banner two color ways $12

so behind

i am so behind in posting our 'lately'. seriously.

we went to the snow and got so lucky-it actually snowed while we were there! miracle. the slopes were closed due to lack of snow but we went sledding, made a snowman, ate lots of food, napped, ate some more food, drank and played in the snow even more. the kids loved it and so did i.

the kiddos got to hunt easter eggs 3, yes THREE, times this year. and when we were done i looked at Boss and said i'm never doing 3 again. one is enough. plenty. duke was crashing by 9 am, mila by 11 and when these kids crash, they crash hard. and it ain't pretty. but seeing family is wonderful. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Spring banner $15 with a coordinating Dot banner $12
Peoni color way garland $8
Ocean color way garland $8

New color ways up soon and also details on the fabric banners

Monday, March 30, 2015

exciting news!

guys! i've been working on starting my own business from home. i've been craving something for me. i've tried a few things. tested the waters. and finally found something that i love, enjoy and makes my heart happy. and that's the key people, making you're heart sing. and then sing that heart song from the highest point!

The Modern Market--Banners and Party Decor. you can find me on instagram @themodernmarket. i post new paper garlands and party decor daily, photos of custom orders and blow up your feed with beauty banners. sorry i'm not sorry. eventually this blog will become a place where you can find an inspiration for your party and make an order. for the locals-i'm hoping to sell wholesale in Paso Robles and possibly San Luis Obispo as well. i'll keep you updated on that.

paper garlands are made with heavy weight card stock paper using stencils and can be anything you want! They are perfect for your mantle,shelving or to hang on your chalk board. They are affordable so they can easily be changed with the seasons and holidays. Dot garlands, Letter garlands that say SPRING, OH BABY, anything you want, and range from $8 to $15.

fabric banners are made with iron on letters, any wording you choose. i usually iron the letters on a natural color fabric and add flags that coordinate to your event/theme. these will range from $40+ depending on the amount of lettering and fabric choice for coordinating flags. these banners are great for a baby shower and can then be added to the nursery, birthday parties, bridal showers and much more!

i will be posting photos soon!

Monday, February 23, 2015

He's 1!

this sweet little boy turned 1 this month! we had a cowboy themed birthday bash with family and friends to celebrate. that's a pretty good photo of the 4 of us considering we really felt like poop. mila was a day in to her second round of antibiotics for another double ear infection. and we would soon find out that duke had a double ear infection too. then boss got bronchitis. then mama got a sinus infection. we've been through the ringer this season with illness. we leave for the snow in a few days so i'm praying everyone is healthy for the trip. altitude and congestion/hurting ears are not a good combo. 

at 1 year, duke can:

play patty cake
points at everything
wave with both his hands
give loves
roll a ball to you
loves to hide toys and find them
play peek-a-boo
say dadadadada and mamammama
he loves his pacifier and blanky
he weighs 23 pounds and 12 ounces

duke is the biggest sweetheart. he loves to cuddle and laugh, play with his sister, bang on anything that will make a loud noise and be wherever you are. he takes two good naps a day and sleeps all night. and he loves to eat. anything and everything. well, except broccoli and avocado. he's not a fan of those. but put anything else in front of him and he will devour it. and then ask for more. it's kind of like if you give a dukers food, he will want more. and then probably more.

we love you to the moon dukers. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the great debate

in recent weeks the great debate seems to be to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. well, more like "how can you selfish asses not vaccinate your kids?!" "how can you poison your babies and give them this junk that causes autism?!" that's more along the lines of what i see. and i have largely stayed away. i read the links shared on Facebook. i watch the news. we went to disneyland 2 weeks before this outbreak. TWO WEEKS. we have a 11 month old son at home who cannot be vaccinated for MMR until his first birthday. what if we had gone later? what if we had brought home this deadly illness to our sweet son?

the thought alone kills me inside. i worry about colds. i worry about green noses and ear infections and coughs. i worry about fender benders. cars driving too fast while we walk to the park. i worry about leaving her at preschool; not incredibly worry but a little piece of me has that thought (you know what thought) lingering. i worry about my sweet girls feelings being hurt. i worry about her falling from the play structure. i worry about duke bonking his head while learning to walk. i worry about his little teeth because he has irregular enamel. i worry about my kids getting cavities.

do you see my point? these are the normal worries of a mama and daddy. these are the day to day things that wrack my brain. and these thoughts were here before either of them came out of my belly. we should NOT have to worry about diseases that have once been basically eradicated. pardon my french, but what the fuck are you thinking when you choose not vaccinate your kids? what the fuck are you thinking when you have the thoughts that everyone else is vaccinated so your precious children are protected? what the fuck article did you read that told you autism is linked or directly caused by the MMR vaccine? what the fuck makes you think you are smarter and know more than your pediatrician?

because i bet you don't. and if you don't like or trust your pediatrician, then maybe you should find a new one.

i am pro vaccination. i am pro protecting my babies to the death of me. i will protect them and fight for them and worry for them every second of their lives.

//i am also a believer in everyone doing what is best for their family. i am pro bottle, pro boob. pro preschool, pro homeschool. pro working mom, pro stay at home mom. pro 1 kid, pro 5 kids. but this topic is not something i take lightly and i truly believe that the best thing is to vaccinate your children. the best way to protect them is to vaccinate them//